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Our Automated Software Solutions for Retail Management

* Product Management
* Billing and Payment Management
* Order Management
* Payment Gateway Integration
* Online Shopping Cart Management
* Offers & Discount Management
* Supply Chain Management
* Transport Management

How We Assist Our Clients with Retail
Automated software Solutions :

Automated Retail Software for Maximum Productivity

A modern retail experience that customers have grown to demand cannot be delivered by generic retail software. We create unique retail apps that link new and old technologies for highly customized shopping experiences, including legacy corporate systems.

Product Management

Product Management is the primary challenge for retailers. They have the belief that maintaining stock is the most difficult task. As a Customized software solutions provider, we make it easy for them to maintain their product stock online and traceable whenever and wherever it is required. Using Product Management software, it becomes easy for the retailers to go through their product stock, and they can also check whether it is In-Stock or Out-of-Stock, and they can maintain it easy to boost productivity.

Billing and Payment Management

Billing and Payment management is the most secure part of any business. Any issues in the bills or payments may lead to a loss in business. To keep updated with the records, Aotsum is providing Automated software solutions through which you will be able to track the payment processing in or out. A billing management solution helps you to maintain the bills online and, your work will be paperless and automated which will increase your visibility towards the enhancement of the business.

Order Management

Order management refers to the issue for any firm of managing orders both online and offline. Maintaining the status of the orders, whether they are pending, being processed, verified, or being shipped, is a tiresome chore. You will receive automatic updates on new and completed orders when you use Aoutsum Automated Software solutions. Your use of an order management software program enables you to keep track of the product's processing, confirmation, and shipment statuses.
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Retail Sector :


FrequentlyAsked Question

Technology can help your retail business in a variety of ways, including by lowering operating and inventory costs, increasing customer satisfaction, automating inventory control, monitoring margins, forecasting and budgeting better, enhancing your supply chain, and giving customers a tailored experience across multiple channels.
A multichannel strategy known as "integrated marketing communication" aims to give customers a seamless buying experience across online and mobile. on a computer, over the phone, or in a physical store.
An individual's perception and interaction with your brand are referred to as their "customer experience." To put it another way, every time a customer associates with a business or brand, they interact with it physically, emotionally, and mentally. This can happen either in person or online. customer service quality. Customer experience is influenced by a variety of elements, including promotion, packaging, product characteristics, usability, dependability, and pricing.
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