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Aotsum Software Solutions for Finance & Banking Sector

* Investment banking
* Digital finance and accounting
* Accounting software integration
* Mobile and internet banking apps
* Cash management solutions * Mobile payment processing
* Cards and payments

How we Assist our Clients with
Finance & Banking Software Solutions

Financial Technology to Promote Efficiency

We assist financial institutions in utilizing cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and analytics to enhance their services in response to changing client requirements, ground-breaking legislation, and international competitiveness. We give you access to superior data analytics, intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence (Al) to help you make more informed financial forecasts and budgets.

Integrating Technology to Provide Customized Experiences

By developing specialized portals, sophisticated dashboards, mobile apps, automated workflows CRM software, and powered chatbots that help financial managers and enterprises, banks, and insurance companies to increase operational efficiencies, we assist you in providing personalized customer experiences.

The Needs for Regulatory and Compliance are Met

We provide all-inclusive solutions for managing financial and operational risk, regulatory reporting, compliance, and financial fraud. We provide scalable solutions that enable you to obtain a comprehensive understanding of your risk exposure and level of regulatory compliance. In order to manage your data and infrastructure, solution platforms, procedures, and rules effectively, our experts can help.

Procedures that are improved and secure payment processing

From blockchain-powered smart contracts that guarantee the security and legitimacy of your financial transactions to cryptocurrency solutions, our team can provide game-changing automation. We assist you in providing an omni-commerce experience to your consumers across all payment channels, whether cards, cash, or digital, by building straightforward, quick, and secure payment choices.
We are a certified IT Service company.

Factor Affecting
the Finance & Banking Sector


FrequentlyAsked Question

The most current technologies that have an impact on and revolutionize the banking industry include chatbots, big data analytics, cryptocurrency integration, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, cognitive technologies, mobile, and cloud.
Investors have a variety of alternatives for managing their wealth thanks to the financial services and banking industries. The primary distinction between the two is that banks may acquire deposits whereas financial services companies cannot. Instead of just providing banking services, financial services companies also include management services, insurance services, financial research facilities, etc.
Financial service companies employ industrial understanding  to analyze risk, handle fraud, and make financial decisions. predicting future market trends, trading and investing, managing one's own finances, complying with regulations, detecting fraud and anti-money laundering activity, processing payments, and customizing client experiences.
To increase staff efficiency and performance in the financial industry, certain operations might be automated. Some of the common automation use cases now in vogue include accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, resolving rule-based disputes, invoice verification, planning, budgeting, forecasting, treasury process, operational and general accounting, etc.
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