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Lead Generation

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Using digital marketing services, increase your revenue

More prospects greater sales. increased revenue by opting services of Aotsum for digital marketing. We'll work with your company to influence the metrics that matter most, from traffic to revenue, using a customized approach in addition to data-driven insights.

One element that any business owner may benefit from is lead generation. For any business, it's crucial to make the greatest use of time and resources because completing market research on one's own requires a lot of time and effort. By using our organization, however, one would be given a platform to sell one's goods and services more effectively. A business operator may more easily hit their sales goal in a short amount of time by purchasing leads from these lead generation providers.

Our massive subscriber database is over 40Cr, and we have partnerships with 1900+ publishers worldwide that execute our campaigns on their premium subscriber databases.

we use professional demographic data to target
the rigth people by mining the data on the basis of:


Income Group Wise


Age Group Wise


City Wise


Profession Wise


Vertical Wise


Gender Wise

We will provide you the assistance of
Qualified professionals for the following sources:

Google PPC
Paid search marketing is a critical part of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign strategy. There is no better time to advertise than when someone already has determined they want your product or service and is actively looking to buy.
Google Display Ad's
Successful display advertising proactively targets new customers by placing interesting, relevant ads in front of them when they’re most likely to convert.
Facebook Ad's
With well over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world.
LinkedIn Ads
While platforms like Google AdWords are the undeniable powerhouses of PPC advertising, LinkedIn advertising is the ideal platform for B2B marketing.
Twitter Promotions
It's an affordable, automated, and always-on promotion engine — so whether you're building your personal brand or a business, Twitter Promote Mode grows your influence by automatically amplifying your message to a larger interested audience.
Instagram Ads
Target user who are active in Instagram to get more leads,increase traffic wisely and increase sale to your website.Massive audience with different sectors can be influenced in one go.